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Owner/Head Trainer

Jake Brandyberry

Owner and head trainer Jake has been working with dogs for over 15 years. With over 1000 dogs trained in everything from family pets, police and military dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, and high level sport dogs, he has honed his training techniques while working in multiple disciplines, sports, and behavior theories. Jake is an active competitor, judge, and decoy in the sport of French Ring, where he is one of only 5 judges qualified in all the US and has competed with multiple dogs at the highest level.

Jake’s Boards & Awards

French Ring - North American Ring Sport (NARA)

  • Dogs Handled/Trained
    -Frisco BR-FR3
     2014 NARA Eastern Regionals Podium
     2014 NARA National Top 5 Ranking
    – Rogan FR3
    – Noche BR-FR2
  • NARA Lvl 1 Decoy
    – 20 trials as competition decoy
  • NARA Lvl 2 Judge
    – 2019 NARA Regionals Judge

Protection Sports Association (PSA)

  • Dogs Handled/Trained
    – Frisco PDC
  • Senior Decoy
    -Over 30 trials as competition decoy
    – 4x Regional Select Decoy
    – National Championship Select Decoy

Middletown Ringsport Club

  • Founder/Head Trainer
  • 15 dogs titled between French Ring Brevet and FR3
  • 3x NARA Regionals Host
  • Host of the International Cup of America